Friday, February 08, 2013

February Freebies, Day 5

An update from across the street at Facebook: we're having great success getting people to take our free books. Surprise surprise. Ain't that a thing? So far we've given away David, Love Poems, Moody Food, and Malarky. And today? (Er, and Saturday and Sunday?) ... here's what you'll see if you visit our page. Like the page. Love it. You want more of it. Make it hurt, book people, make it hurt!

Attack of the Free Book Facebook Messages! No, wait. It's Attack of the ... Conjunction Arachnids? That's right, Day 5 of February Freebies is bringing you the Wonderful, Marvellous, Glorious Douglas Glover, whose Attack of the Copula Spiders was a Globe & Mail Best Book for 2012, and who was called "a master of narrative structure" by none other than the Wall Street Journal.

You know the drill: visit the Biblioasis FB page, like AND share this status update, and be entered to win a copy of Copula Spiders today. We’re giving away a title a day for the whole month of February. Like, enter, share win! For details visit the Thirsty blog.

(Okay, so we're not giving away books on the weekends. This is it till Monday. So start clicking, people! This is the book to share on Facebook if ever there was. Post this on the wall of anyone whose egregious online grammar drives you nuts.)

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