Wednesday, February 27, 2013

"A Paragon of Contemporary African Literature"

The first review for The Tuner of Silences has just come in from our friends over at The Coffin Factory, and is it ever a hummer. "A phenomenal book," they say, and "a paragon of contemporary African literature":
Mia Couto is Mozambique’s premier writer, unrivaled in the Portuguese language, and, with the novels Sleepwalking Land and The Last Flight of the Flamingo, has achieved international praise for his use of magical realism in tackling the terrors of Mozambique’s colonial and civil wars. The Tuner of Silences is Couto’s masterful turn toward a more subtle and surreal story: an eleven-year-old’s attempt to reconstruct his family’s taboo history in the scarred emotional and geographical landscape of a post-colonial country torn by war, poverty, and disease.
The conclusion? The Tuner of Silences allows readers to experience "some of the most beautiful and moving prose being written today."

... I think they liked it.

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