Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Anakana Schofield Shortlisted for the First Novel Award

From under the stairs to the top of the rainforest:
Anakana Schofield shortlisted for the
First Novel Award
Well we thought it couldn't be done. The novel that flummoxed list after list of would-be awarding bodies. The novel whose exclusion from major prize nominations earned nation-wide grumblings, sighs, moanings, head-scratchings, bewildered exhalations. But now at long last: we have a winner! Or at least we could have one, as of April 24th. Anakana's in the running for the first novel award with Pasha Malla, Scott Fotheringham, Marjorie Celona, and Kim Thúy. 

“A first novel should be brash and ambitious, and announce the arrival of a new talent,” said head judge and Quill & Quire editor Stuart Woods today in a press release: “that quality is something this diverse group of books has in common.”

Damn skippy!

For more you can visit the page or this write-up in The National Post. Heartfelt congratulations to Anakana from us all.

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