Monday, February 11, 2013

Black Moss Night at Biblioasis

Happy Monday, folks! Here are a few bits and bytes to tide you through this (extremely blustery) February afternoon.

1. We're happy to announce that this Sunday we're having an informal celebration in honour of Black Moss Press here at the bookshop. 6 p.m. Join us as we raise our glasses to this legendary local institution and the authors that make it special. RSVP on Facebook today!

2. Ray and I made it back safely from the WDET studios this morning. As a little memento? The attached. Craig Fahle remains as awesome and impressive as ever (and in this picture Ray may or may not be reading an article about Girls.) You can listen to the episode, called "Stories of the Underground Railroad," online here.

3. We've had a new interview with Alexander MacLeod go up on the Numéro Cinq blog. Check out Benjamin Woodard's questions on physicality, layering, research, construction, and more.  Plus there's that funny picture of Alex knee-deep in what I'm fairly certain is a septic tank.

4. Today's February Freebie, in celebration of the Black Moss event on Sunday night, is Marty Gervais' Ghost Road and Other Forgotten Stories of Windsor. Visit our FB page, like that status update, share it, enter, and win!

K. That's it. That's plenty! Till tomorrow.

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