Friday, February 08, 2013

Artists of Colour Exhibit: The Stories We Tell

Morning, folks, and happy Friday. A few announcements for our Windsor-area friends:

One: that today is the first day of the Artists of Colour Exhibit over at MacKenzie Hall, which has been happening annually for some time & is usually a pretty good show. Ray Robertson is speaking there tomorrow from 1-2 but I wanted to post the invitation to their opening & the general exhibit poster. See below.

Two: Ray's talking the shrink talk (okay, talking about depression, philosophy, and the writing life) at the university on Tuesday. Katzmann Lounge, Vanier Hall, 2 PM.

Three: It's very snowy out. Shovel, people. For the love of Wesley.

Four: For those of you who are as in awe of Craig Fahle as I am, brace yourselves for a real thrill. On Monday morning Ray and I are barrelling through the tunnel toward midtown Detroit, where we'll cross for the very first time through the holy doors of WDET. (Alex MacLeod was on there a few years ago but it's my first time in the building. And gosh, if I may say, am I excited.) This is the man who back in Sept. 2011 cancelled half an hour of regularly scheduled programming to excoriate the media for not raising an ENORMOUS STINK when Michele Bachmann claimed, on national television, that the HPV vaccine was causing mental retardation. Fahle lined up doctors and experts to debunk her assertion and told every single one of his silent colleagues that, when the media fails to acknowledge their moral obligation to correct lies perpetuated by people of influence, that they're in violation of a public trust. And he was spitting mad. Hoo hoo! Glorious.

(Ray: I don't think he's going to get that mad at you.)

(I don't think.)

Anyhow! Check out the Artists of Colour exhibit when you have a chance. Tune in to WDET (101.9 FM) on Monday at 10:30 to hear Ray along with underground railroad historian Kimberly Simmons. And if you're interested in more Detroit-area black history events, there's a comprehensive calendar online at

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