Friday, March 01, 2013

"A true tour-de-force of modern African writing"

The high praise keeps rolling in for The Tuner of Silences, with new review published in Words Without Borders by Anderson Tepper of Vanity Fair. "Couto’s language is rich, fertile, and often full of riddles that turn reality, as we know it, on its head," Tepper says: "His stories straddle African and European worlds, and his preoccupations range across issues of race and identity, national culture and legacies of the country’s civil war ... translated into shimmering prose by David Bradshaw, The Tuner of Silences is a true tour-de-force of modern African writing ... Couto’s literary cosmos is unforgettable."

Read the whole thing here. In fact go read the whole issue. Co-presented by the SPAIN arts & culture program, the March WWB examines the work of 12 Spanish prose masters whose work is largely unavailable in English. Fantastic. Fantastíco. Feliz viernes, everybody!

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