Monday, March 04, 2013

One More for Tuner

Two new reviews to report today, one for Tuner of Silences, and another for a book that launched around this time last year: Doug Glover's Attack of the Copula Spiders. "The book has stayed on my mind ever since I read it," wrote Joe Ponepinto of the LA Review in an email to me this weekend, and he's not the first person I've met to feel that way. I'm perpetually amazed by how many people make a point of telling us how much this book has changed their approach to writing. And Joe, bless him,  decided to write about the experience in a (copula-free!) blog post this weekend, where he says: "I reviewed a book a while back that has stayed with me for many months and has affected the way I write and read, and it’s opened my eyes to a weakness in much creative writing, even in published books."

So. There you have it. No small praise. As for Tuner, well, the indefatigable M.A. Orthofer at The Complete Review has rated it and compiled a helpful list of links to previous reviews. You can check it out here, & discover for yourselves why he calls the book "starkly poetic"; "a novel of damaged souls in a damaged country, The Tuner of Silences is an eloquent tale of loss."

Happy Monday, folks! Stay tuned for the latest BiblioNews as we head to Boston this week for AWP. If the gods are kind, there may even be gladiator costumes to report on ... 

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