Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Poem in a Bottle.

Poetry London is having a fundraiser tonight. It is one of the best run poetry series around, and the organizers have brought in a couple of Biblioasis authors over the years, including David Hickey, who's Broadside in a Bottle, pictured above, is one of the items. Not sure what else will be available, though the bookseller in me wants to know.

Poetry London will also be bringing in Patricia Young in 2009.

For that reason -- let alone the fact that the biblioholic in me wants the Hickey item -- I'm starting the bidding at $50 on the Broadside in a Bottle. I don't think I've spent $10.00 so far this year -- now that we have a cappuccino/espresso maker at the bibliomanse, there's not much reason to leave -- so even in my current penurious condition can roll the pennies and nickels and dimes and quarters in the Laphroig cannister under my desk -- Laphroig! Those were the days! -- and should be pretty close.

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