Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Canada Reads Day Two

As I said, I only listen to CBC when in the van; indeed, when I'm in my own van, as Alexis's new one has Sirius Radio and I much prefer the BBC. So I missed the first day of Canada Reads, though judging from Day 2, I'm not at all sure that is a bad thing. Heading back from the kids' swimming lessons tonight, I caught the last two thirds, and it was enough to set the proverbial on edge. By the end of it the only book I could even imagine reading was Tremblay's Fat Woman -- indeed, I am fairly certain I will (perhaps after i finish Absurdistan) -- as the panelist defending it is the only one I can stand.

Besides, Fat Woman is published by Talon, and us literaries need to stand together. Much rather see them get the sales than Bertelsman.

At home, I checked in on what the boys over at TSR think, and must say that I stand almost shoulder to shoulder with Steven. Go here for Beattie’s (& Good's slightly less) crabby, cranky, curmudgeonly Day 2 roundup.

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