Tuesday, March 24, 2009

A First Attempt: A Thought You Were Dead Book Trailer

After a two minute introduction to the Microsoft MovieMaker, I spent four or five hours tinkering with the program and and put together this first book trailer for Terry Griggs's forthcoming Thought You Were Dead. A first, because I expect I'll be reworking it and putting together a few other versions between now and the wee hours of the book's release. It was a lot of fun fiddling with this thing, adding the sepia colouring, the fades in, juggling the storyboard: at the very least I've learned a whole other lingo.

The music is by a good friend of mine, Lewis MacLeod, and this would be, I expect, the world premier. I even have a small part on this song as a member of the Drunken Choir, though I decided not to subject you all to that quite yet: the song breaks down into musical anarchy -- there's even a nose harp and some other whirligig instruments I don't know the names of. Part Pogues, part Tom Waits, a dash of Nick Cave ... a hell of a lot of fun.

As is the book. We figure that this will become part of the official Spielberg movie soundtrack. David Schwimmer as Chellis Beith, Nieve Campbell as Bethany/Edna, with the rest of the cast as yet undetermined...

UPDATE: May 1st, 2009. Gotta change that.


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Great start. Boy, Rebecca is certainly up early.