Monday, March 02, 2009


Ah, yes, nothing like the thrill of the hunt. Reminds me of my booksale days. I wore custom-fitted elbow pads, sharpened to a point. In one of Seth's books -- It's a Good Life, perhaps -- he talks about the booksellers and their elbows. Well, I was ashamed to admit at the time that I was likely one of them. I've not always been the mild-mannered publisher you know and loathe.

Spent a couple of hours on Saturday, after my early afternoon squash match, going through Windsor thrift shops, and must say, did my old bookseller self proud, finding several late-19th early-20th century African travel books for a song, as well as some good local history, literary criticism and technical books. I've started scouting again here and there, to keep my online stock up and, really, just for the fun of it. Intend to do some of the booksales again for the first time in near five years in 2009. Used book sales still keep Biblioasis running, contributing $350-500 a week to the proverbial pot, though I still maintain the (faint) hope that these sales will one day end up in the proverbial pocket. Much more likely, that, than the press actually paying for more than itself in the foreseeable future.

Actually, these photos sort-of remind me of my basement. Minus the people.

For those who actually want the story behind the photos, rather than an online (former B&M) bookseller's tepid reminiscences, they can go here.

PS: Thanks to Zach at CLM for the link to this.

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