Sunday, March 01, 2009

Canada Reads ... Again

It's that time of year, Canada Reads. Now, in the past, I've only listened to the broadcasts a few times myself, usually when I'm in the car: though many have pointed to the Canada Reads model as an alternative to the closed-room horse-trading which goes on for other literary competitions and awards, if this is an example of what the discussion is often like then I think it's best that we don't really know. It leaves a little room, at least, for hope. But I never fail to read the attendant discussions, and the best of them has started again over at That Shakespherian Rag, where Steven Beattie and Alex Good weigh in on this year's list, which can be found here. And if this year is like last, it will be updated on a daily basis. Perhaps we might petition the CBC to have Good or Beattie on the panel next season: that would have me tuning in promptly.

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