Sunday, March 01, 2009

Cool Poster, for a Cool Reading Series

Over at Rebecca's aptly-named blog, Rose-coloured, I found what must be the coolest Reading Announcement poster a Biblioasis author has yet to appear on. (Second one down. The train, not the bleachers. No, not the one in the middle. Her hair isn't that big. I think she's the one in black.) She'll be reading this week, Tuesday March 3rd, at Gallery 1313. I won't be in Toronto for about another 46 hours, so I will have to miss it, though anyone in the GTA might want to consider heading down: anyone who can put together a promotional poster like this is worthy of our support (even, on the off chance, that isn't Rebecca on the stairs.)


I have it on very good authority that the woman in black is not Rebecca, but Kathleen Brown. Still: a fine poster, and I urge you all to attend the reading.

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