Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The Willy Warmer Raffle & AK's TO Debut

Well you've seen it on facebook. You've seen it on the blog. Hell you may even have seen it on twitter. But tonight, at the Dora, you can do more than see--oh yes--oh yes indeed. Tonight you can stroke it. Stretch it. Roll it. Win it. You can take it home to your favourite oolong. Gussy up that brown betty? You can tie it to a string and use it as a cat toy--here's looking at you, RR--and you can of course do things both allergists and the Canadian Medical Association would rather I not suggest. (Like eating it.) 

That's right: tonight we raffle off one bona-fide hand-knit, 100% wool, 100% republican willy warmer at the Malarky launch, and all you have to do is show up. Fill out a ballot and you'll never be cold again. 

Not in Toronto? Never fear. We're raffling more. Seattle. Bellingham. Stay tuned at the end of the month. And by all means join us tonight at the Dora, where AK is gonna lay the room FLAT. 7 PM & free admission to the best bloody malarkiest wooliest event in town. 

And yes we keep booze in the office. Not a word from any of you. Ssssht.

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