Thursday, May 31, 2012

Read Me Something You Love

Here's a nice thing for a Wednesday afternoon: a podcast of our own Laura Boudreau reading from our own Rebecca Rosenblum's The Big Dream, as recorded by Steve Wasserman, who is at present having a love affair with the short fiction of our great nation. O Canada! O podcast! O Laura! Take a listen. Thanks to Steve Wasserman for doing this--and good luck wrestling with the dulcet tones of OC.

(Also the anecdote about RR, the smiley stickies, and the savage red pen work is pretty d*mn funny.)

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Steve said...

Thanks for the mention, Tara.

It was such an enjoyable recording session, and I've followed it up with Alexander MacLeod, which was also somewhat fabulous.

Just need to sort out my dinosaurus broadband connection and comp set-up, and maybe will try and do some future RMSYLs with more Biblioasians/CanLiterati.

Would love to have a chat with Ray Robertson one of these days...