Thursday, May 24, 2012

Nests, sticks, sweat, stones, and - Congress?

Good morning, all. We've been mired in trade show preparations this past week at the Bibliomanse, with Congress coming up this weekend in Kitchener and BEA the week after that. Storing up on lozenges and caffeine pills. Which is why--oh shame!--I haven't yet pointed you all to the lovely series of blogs that Alice Petersen is doing this week for The Afterword. So! Here we go & here I am, pointing it out with my digital walking-stick. They're there. By the clump of wild carrots, next to the hickory stump, just north of the ...


Yesterday's post was especially nice. Torturous but nice. Between that and the sun and booking a ferry ticket from Victoria to Seattle for Mme Malarky's next tour installment, I'm feeling a little more--I was going to say Wordsworthian but that's not right, I think someone like Ernest Thompson Seton is closer to the mark--a little more woodsy than one ought to feel, heading to an academic conference. But if you're there, do stop by and say hello--we'll be reporting live from WLU throughout the weekend and early next week--booth number one. Starting bright and early Saturday morning. See you there! 

Objectively speaking one should mention there are some good deals to be had. Is your CNQ subscription about to expire? Breathe some life into it cheap. Ridiculously cheap. I mean, we were cheap before, but this is downright floozyish. What else? Sign up for our mailing list and get free swag. An issue of CNQ, a chance to win a prize-pack of ten books, the pleasure of bimonthly and quasi-harrassing emails from yours truly, flogging events at a TOWN NEAR YOU ... what's there to lose? TELL YOUR FRIENDS. 

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Mark Nenadov said...

Hi Tara,

I've been on the CNQ web site and haven't seen a link or page about the mailing list. Am I just missing something? Fill me in if you get a chance! Thank you!