Friday, May 04, 2012

Malarky in the National Post

And here I thought I'd get to sign off blogging early for the week. Keep an eye out for the Saturday edition of the National Post, where Malarky is called "delightfully offbeat," and AK is celebrated for her "a deft — and altogether welcome — comic touch."  Finally, now seems as good a time as any to give an excerpt from Chad Pelley's review in The Telegraph Journal, which isn't available online, but which I've been meaning to quote since it came out:
Malarky is a wacky, dead serious book, and what stands out more than anything is its freshness in a sea of same-old, same-old novels. "Our Woman" ... feels perfectly rendered, and we root for her with an uncommon compassion ... this intimate and uncensored look at one woman's attempt at resilience and self-discovery has all the makings of being a big book of the year, if hype should build. And it should.

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