Wednesday, May 16, 2012

More books, more free, more goodness

Last night Kerry Clare made this rather spectacular announcement to the interwebs: 
"I have this problem wherever books are being sold, I always think it’s kind of rude not to buy one. So this is how I ended up in possession of a spare copy of Anakana Schofield’s Malarky after attending her book launch tonight. Her reading was wonderful, the novel’s opening and it’s most terrible, hilarious, devastating sex-scene. I love this book so very much ... I’d like to send you a copy."
Well there you are, folks. Visit Kerry Clare's website, leave a comment by Saturday, and enter to win a little Malarky of your own. (No willy warmer alas--the Toronto WW went to Lisa de Nikolits of Inanna--but still a pretty darn good deal.)

In other Malarky news, AK reads twice today as part of the Toronto eh-List series (first at 12:30 PM, Northern District Library, and again at 7 at North York Central), and then again tomorrow night in Windsor at the Phog Lounge. If you're in Windsor tune in to the CBC around 5:30, when AK will be talking live to Bob Steele of The Bridge. And of course do come on out! The evening features special musical guests Kenneth & Marion MacLeod.

Last but not least, if you can't get enough of Anakana, her guest blogs on the Afterword are continuing all this week, and her interview was featured on the Barnes & Noble Review

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Kerry Clare said...

Hmm Have since corrected my typos. Thanks for the tip, for passing this on. So much interest in this excellent book. I am happy to share the love.