Tuesday, April 03, 2007


Ray Smith's savage farce, The Flush of Victory: Jack Bottomly Among the Virgins, is at the printer and due back mid-month. A pseudo-Canadian espionage (Canadian espionage? Is that farce enough for you?) thriller about a loutish anti-hero who sets out to profit from a joint CIA-KGB conspiracy to steal a clapped-out Canadian airplane, it is, in the language of back-cover bumpf, uproarious. But there's more to it -- and Bottomly -- than may be immediately apparent.

Speaking of back cover bumpf, here's The Flush of Victory's:

Author Ray Smith has correlated the recent electronic version of the Confession with the Dubai Typescript and the even earlier Hong Kong Holograph. In a feat of unparalleled investigative journalism he has travelled the world corroborating the sordid and still highly sensitive details which are to this day denied by the intelligence services of five nations. A saga of perjury, peculation and perversion.

- The murder by CIA operatives in Vancouver of Captain E. Saunders of the Directorate of National Defence Intelligence/Air

- The murder by Squandron Leader Charles Kingsford Jones of the Royal Australian Air Force of an officer of the RCMP.

- The murder of the CIA agent known only as 'Hubble', trampled to death by horses ridden by rogue RCMP officers.

-The embezzlement by computer fraud of millions of Canadian Government Dollars and the involvement of Zurich through the Zurcher Kreditanstalt.

- The unlawful confinement in Ottawa by officers of the Royal Canadian Navy of agents of SIS and their subjection to incessant buggery.

Among many other, even more horrific occurences...

Sleuth Smith has done for the RCAF, the CIA, SIS, and the RCMP what Woodward and Bernstein did for Watergate.


Also, advance (quote-unquote) reviews:

“. . . As solid a case for the re-introduction of book burning as I’ve read in many a year. And, come to think of it, public hanging . . .”
—Albert O. Mangle

“Hilarious, but unfair to the Navy.”
—Captain Jack McClelland, RCN (ret.)

"I was very . . . unamused.”
—Northrop Frye

“If you publish this scabrous trash, it will set Canadian Literature back fifty years.”
—Desmond Pacey

“Maudzie Cawlisss!”
—Societe Saint-Jean-Baptiste

“Does that son of a bitch expect to get his royalty cheques in the mail?”

“I think we might just have a look at Smith’s income tax returns.”

I’ll have his *?!#%*!% balls for bookends!”
—Paul Hellyer


With any luck, old Jack should finally be bookshelves across the country by month's end.

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