Friday, April 13, 2007

Robyn Sarah's Little Eurekas is back today from the printer, our first title of 2007. It looks wonderful, always a relief.

Here's the back cover bumpf:

A reader-friendly miscellany of essays, appreciations, reviews, and conversations, published in newspapers and literary magazines over the past ten years, and addressed to a broad audience, these are pieces that will resonate equally with the lay poetry lover and the specialist. With new material to contextualize individual pieces and weave them together, the collection explores all aspects of a life in poetry: reading it, writing it, teaching it, editing it, publishing it, reviewing it. In lively and lucid prose, Robyn Sarah reflects on her experience in all of these areas, sharing her convictions, her enthusiasms, her gripes, and her passion for the subject. A bonus section, "Collaborations," includes voices of other Canadian poets Sarah has engaged with, among them Steven Heighton, Eric Ormsby, Dennis Lee, and Robert Bringhurst. Little Eurekas is an invitation to poetry, a book full of variety and surprise.

Little Eurekas is now available for on-line ordering at the biblioasis website (, and is available on, and from your favourite bookseller. (We now have national distribution, so if you've had trouble trying to order our books before, please try again: there should be no difficulty now.)

as Mike Barnes wrote as a comment to an earlier post:

read robyn sarah's upcoming book. i've read certain essays in magazines and can't wait to read the rest. to ensure i get a copy, i've ordered one in person, over the phone, and online. no need to emulate my goofball multimedia paranoia, but...find your way to a copy. robyn's humane and generous perceptions, her mindful responsiveness to poetry, may change the way you think, feel, respond to poems yourself. it's done that for me. she uses nudges more than cudgels, but that doesn't mean it's soft-focus "all is cool" stuff...on the contrary...she lays down strong lines you'll question, disagree with...but the point is, there's ample room in her essays for opinion, admiration, explication, love and loathing. not all will find their notions verified, but all may enter. that's rare i think. check it out.

Robyn, incidentally, reads at the Mad River Literary Festival in Conneticut next Wednesday, and at the Blue Met twice the week following.

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