Tuesday, April 03, 2007


I've my own blog, but I'm glad to see this new un up 'n' runnin. An ill-advised post, perhaps, as I've been oot imbibin pints with my good friend Geoff Cook--on a x-country visit--and hatchin' plans to launch an equally ill-advised publishing venture, but ne'ertheless, a poem in progress, en route to obscurity, if not infinity (might be the first part of a sequence, but have yet to figure that out):


Off-grid and valley-
Bound, haphazard home, propped on posts
In a sea of shifting shale:
Frame for a family’s
Incipient hopes.
Hammer taps slap studs,
Rebound off valley slopes
Like the clapper in a copper bell
Hung upside down and feebly
Rung. To hell
With clapboard, we’ve got what walls
We need and junks enough to keep
The Jotul roaring heat
Through the newborn baby’s blood.

Zach Wells


PS: congrats to Senhor Hickey, whose work I am very pleased to have introduced to Dan once upon. There are at least a couple of other strong books on that list (Thran 'n' Price), so there's no shame in placing, but hope for winning.

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