Monday, April 23, 2007

for the extreme golfer

For the Extreme Golfer

Tired of straight, too-sane golf? You may be ready for "The Thorazine," our new, 4126-yard, single-hole golf course tucked cunningly between the century-old asylum buildings and refurbished outpatient services on the grounds of the former Hamilton Psychiatric Hospital. Highlights include the already-legendary dogleg around hydrotherapy, the punishingly monotonous approach through occupational therapy, and a variety of unnatural/natural hazards including insulin shock, sudden restraints, and chemical roughs and bunkers guaranteed to test every iron in your bag and then some. Pictured is the appalling finish, over a treacherously fast asphalt green in search of our infamous "phantom hole."

Afterward, why not recuperate in our clubhouse where you can sit back, relax, and hallucinate on our patented indoor/outdoor couch, complete with complimentary brick?



biblioasis said...
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biblioasis said...

Very funny. Though I think that I may still prefer "the Thorazine" to 18 holes on a more typical golf course.