Tuesday, April 10, 2007


One of our Fall books is a collection of short fiction by Newfoundland writer Kathleen Winter. Kathleen won the 2nd Metcalf-Rooke Award last year. When John started working with her, he discovered that there were dozens of other stories no one had seen and asked to see them. They were, in John's words, a goldmine, and several have made their way into this collection. Kathleen has also penned a few others over the past several months, and a couple of these have also made the final cut. The result is that the final collection I'm currently reading is substantially different from the initial one, but much, much stronger for the changes.

We have finalized the collection, then, but a title for it continues to evade us. We've narrowed it down to three:

You can keep one thing,
I was visiting my parents in hell.

We are leaning, I think, towards boYs, though I also very much like You can keep one thing.

On Kathleen's blog, she has asked which title people respond to, so I thought that I would ask the same question here.

For those of you who would like to check out Kathleen's author blog (we drank cachaca and smoked the green cheroot), it can be found here: http://kathleenwinter.livejournal.com/. There's an interesting entry on one of the stories in her collection.