Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Read a F*!king Book Reviews Canary; Ottawa Citizen on The Pope's Bookbinder

The good folks at Autostraddle, which for the uninitiated is one of the savviest lesbian/progressive feminist blogs out there, have a handsome little review of Canary in their "Read a F!*king Book" column. Check it out when you get a minute. The verdict? "Kind of weird and completely delightful." And for readers of the Ottawa Citizen, you may have seen the stupendous review of The Pope's Bookbinder that ran on Labour Day. Here's a pull quote for the ages:

"The Pope’s Bookbinder is like the man: boisterous, endearing, and engagingly blunt. It is a book to delight that endangered species, the book collector, ever on the prowl for the elusive 'must-have' title."

What's that? Must have? Must have in LEATHER? There are a few limited-edition leatherbound copies of The Pope's Bookbinder left, as bound by Dan Mezza out of London. Email Dan (Wells) if you're interested. And otherwise, happy Wednesday!

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