Friday, September 13, 2013

Launching Next Thursday: This Great Escape

We're less than a week away from the Ottawa launch of Andrew Steinmetz's This Great Escape, and I know a lot of you are excited to hold the book in your hands. Looking for a sneak preview? Check out the Saturday edition of the Ottawa Citizen, where Peter Robb conducts a lengthy interview with Andrew about obsession, family history, genre-bending and more. We've also had a couple nice trade reviews of TGE which I'm posting below. Happy Friday, all, and enjoy your weekend!

From Publishers Weekly
“[A] touching biography … Paryla was never a household name and may not seem worthy of attention, but the founding editor of Esplanade Books succeeds in making the case that anyone’s biography can provide insight into the context in which he or she existed. Paryla’s too-short life was defined by Europe during World War II and after, and through his life, those periods are themselves defined.”

From Library Journal
"Fascinating reading … elliptical and often intense … This book will appeal to readers who have seen The Great Escape, are interested in film history and/or acting, or have an interest in World War II and its effects on survivors."

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