Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Canary makes Salty Ink's Top 4 of 2013

More good news for Canary this morning: it's made Salty Ink's 4 Best Books of Shorts list for spring 2013! Check out the listing here.  And this from the indefatigable Chad Pelley ...

"Cullen’s skills with characterization that make her stories pop. She shows us who these people are the best way a writer can in short fiction, and that’s by showing us their ticks, and, what makes them tick. Her characters are delightfully replete with defining idiosyncrasies. The author shows us quite clearly what these people want from life, and, what they’re not getting from it. This collection also succeeds tremendously in showcasing the awkward places relationships put us in as they start, or as they start to fail."

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