Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Malarky in Celtic Life, Quarterly Conversation

A few nice props for Malarky came in over the past couple of days: an interview with Celtic Life, who will be running a review in Celtic Life International on September 20th; a reading of Episode 8 aired this past Sunday on Canadian Fiction Podcast; and last but not least, a review ran in the latest issue of Quarterly Conversation:
Lobster Brain with Fingers, courtesy of www.obscure.org.
Written over ten years, Malarky is a finely wrought and mysterious novel. Just as Our Woman wonders “into which dark corners” her husband’s brain “extends,” a reader must sense a great many dark corners in Schofield’s writing, which offers very little in the way of knowledge. It advances, but does not accumulate, rather like music—or living thought.
For more of Christiane Craig's thoughts on what makes Malarky so dark, & why reading it is not unlike dissecting a brain, click the link above.  

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