Thursday, August 30, 2012

Families and Friends, Fields and Streams: Alice Petersen in the Globe

Well, as we head into the salad days of summer, what better than to think back on the glories of spring? The Globe & Mail has run a delightful story-by-story summation of Alice Petersen's All the Voices Cry. My only beef (if beef you can call it—this may be the lean turkey slice of complaints) is how coyly it refuses to cough up a pull quote. I'm forced to give you a spackling of phrases. What does the Globe like about Alice? Her writing is: 

  • sharp
  • arresting
  • carefully built
  • nuanced, 
  • and (my favourite), full of bursty "descriptive panache"! 

For those of you (like me) who are fans of this particular metaphor, the avocado-froggy innards got its props, as did the cows-as-vanilla-fudge (speaking of beef). Alice will also be touring with the fall contingent this season. Look out, Ontario! More on events in your neighbourhood very very shortly. And should you find yourself looking this holiday weekend for "an amiable reminder of both how unlikely and how seemingly inevitable each human life is," well, this is just to say that the Globe has a sharp arresting carefully built nuanced and bursty recommendation, just for you.

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