Monday, September 17, 2012

1520 Wyandotte St. East

Happy Monday, folks! It's an exciting time for us here at the BiblioManse, as we're about to kick off our fall touring season—and as the first of several Great Events is likely to have us pie-eyed by Friday I wanted to make a few important announcements. Right now, while the faculties are intact; or before I twitterbomb you all to death; or, um, before this books-as-benzos thing gets TOTALLY out of hand. 
You see, there are rumours afoot. Whispers afeet. Gossip to hand. Something about sugar?
Thus and Therefore:
1. Yes, Biblioasis's KD Miller will be reading on October 4th at Q-Space, and yes it's part of the "Not-So-Nice Italian Girls" series, and yes it will be GREAT, because KD Miller is GREAT;
2. Yes, Nadine McInnis's second collection of short stories has shipped (finally woot woot!), and yes we're launching it this Wednesday, and yes it's going to be a GIANT PARTY;
3. Yes, the same is true for Norm Sibum on Thursday;
The place we'll soon call home. Once it's not grape-coloured.
4. ... we've bought a building. 
Yes it's purple.
Yes it has a rocket ship.
And yes, it is, it most definitely is, the sweetest spot in Windsor.
Since September 4th 2012 Dan Wells has been the proud new owner of 1520 Wyandotte St. East, formerly Candylicious, and soon-to-be the new Biblioasis headquarters. We're going to be a bookstore again, folks, and an event space, with the publishing offices in back. Everyone's terrifically excited. Everyone's hoarding boxes. The official move date is TBD but construction has begun and paint colours have been chosen. It really is hard to describe what it means for us to be back in the Windsor community again.
In celebration of the new building and to close out the BiblioBash tour—which includes the launches for Norm and Nadine, and about which you'll hear more shortly—we'll be having a little fete at the new manse on September 27th. If you're within spitting distance of Windsor we hope you'll join us. We might not have much by way of furniture, or books for that matter, but we'll have a fine collection of folding chairs and the wine will be flowing freely. 
So. You'll hear lots more about both book launches and the building over the coming weeks, and I imagine there will be entertaining photos of BiblioStaff wielding drills, etc., helping to quench good old Thirsty's thirst. For now, though, I'd like to raise a virtual glass to Dan and Alexis on the new purchase, and to say congratulations on behalf of us all. 

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Lindsey R said...

Congrats on the new building! Can't believe you're painting over that chic purple, though;)