Friday, September 26, 2014

What a Great Indie Can Do

Biblioasis has never been shy about the faith we have in what devoted indie booksellers can do. That's why we were so delighted with Jess Marquardt, bookseller at Greenlight Books in Brooklyn, who came up to me this weekend at #BKBF to say she couldn't WAIT to start handselling Kathy Page's Alphabet. At the fair itself she sold ten (TEN!) copies. And when I got home from Brooklyn there was a message waiting for me to say that she'd posted a review on the Greenlight Tumblr:
Alphabet is an awesome portrayal of someone trying to figure himself out, who seeks to be a better person while sometimes failing. When you’re finished, you’ll wonder about Kathy Page’s power to get so close to Simon, so I’ll leave you with this interview…”
Pretty amazing, when you think about HOW MUCH EFFING WORK that book festival is, that she took the time. So thanks, Jess, and to all you awesomesauce kids at Greenlight (yes that's you Jarrod, and yes that's you Sam). You made our weekend!

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