Sunday, September 14, 2014

Publishers Weekly Loves Freedom in American Songs

Publishers Weekly follows up their rave review of Kathy Page's Alphabet with another of Kathleen Winter's soon to be release The Freedom in American Songs.

As in her often-brilliant novel Annabel, Winter's new collection offers empathetic examinations of people who don't quite fit within the narrow confines of society. ... The common thread among Winter's characters is a yearning for freedom Besides her depth of sympathy, Winter breathes remarkable life into her settings. Late in the book, a character thinks, "I know how to love a place. I know how to listen to the voice of a brook and I know how to eat the kind of eels whose flesh in Pencil Cove is white and sweet when eaten with toast." Winter, too, knows how to love a place, and it shows.

For the entire review, please go here.

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