Thursday, September 11, 2014

The Windsor Star Celebrates Biblioasis's 10th Anniversary

The 10th anniversary of a certain publishing house was celebrated in The Windsor Star today. In the article, reporter Ted Shaw and Biblioasis owner/publisher/man-of-many-hats Dan Wells discuss the humble origins and gestation of the press, the curatorial and back-of-the-bookshop mentality that have guided us through the last decade of radical change in the industry, and how Biblioasis has gone on to become "a major international player in independent publishing in Canada." For the full article, click here. There are also some great photos. And hey, those folks below look vaguely familiar.

Astonishingly, everyone managed to smile at once here. And what's with the shih tzu on the kids books? Have we no respect for hygiene?! Scandalous. Photo Credit to Jason Kryk/The Windsor Star
ACTION SHOT. Kate uses her pen to control the computer; Chris flexes his guns; Dan delivers his commendation on a book of local postcards; Tara powers-up the office lamp with her shirt; Jesse stares at the chalkboard. #justanotherdayattheoffice. Photo credit to Jason Kryk/The Windsor Star.

And for those of you who haven't had the pleasure of visiting it yet, this is the lovely used and new bookstore that we have the pleasure of passing through daily on our way to the back offices. Come visit us soon! Photo Credit to Kate Hargreaves.

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