Thursday, May 15, 2014

Words & Curds: Ondjaki Interviewed by Evan Munday/Open Book Toronto

Apparently, that
had bacon in it.
Evan Munday, formerly of Coach House Books, has started up a quirky new interview series on Open Book Toronto, and weren't we just tickled when he approached us about talking to Ondjaki during his Granma Nineteen tour? Yep, sure were. Fair warning though, folks: this is an XXL-sized interview, not for the slender of waist. In both proportions and deliciousness it rivals the poutine that inspired it. Plus there are some fantastic stories in there about Ondjaki's childhood, the stories in Granma that are real or partly real, life as a child in socialist Angola, and the niceties of Canadian bacon. Leia-o agora mesmo!

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