Thursday, May 01, 2014

"Singing is also a foreseeable insufficiency, and so is beauty"

"Beauty is an absence and it is what is absent, it is what we have a right to and what is constantly being subtracted from us. But it is also what is absent for order—a cosmos—to be complete. Beauty sacrificed in the name of equilibrium. And also love, which is ‘madness’. Yet what is important is the instrument that generates the absence: the gaze. We must keep an eye on this: it is not blindness, which also has had its cultural prestige throughout time, that foretells what shall come, away from the world of things that clutter our sight. It is the gaze." 

Eduardo Milán on the myth of Orpheus, the origins of song, and the gaze that prompts disappearance. Translated by Antonio Ochoa, on this week's #BITSblog.

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