Wednesday, April 30, 2014

May 1st: Kathy Page Launches Paradise & Elsewhere @ Salt Spring Island Library

"I've come from the sea," I told him, "I left my coat on the rock." My voice emerged rough-edged, sore. He raised the binoculars again. "I think I see something dark in the water. We'll take the boat and look." So we pushed out. He took the oars and I the glasses, and I quickly learned how to use them to bring the distance close. At times I too thought I could see a dark thing floating just below the surface of the water, but once we drew close I understood that it was nothing but a reflection of the rock, and despite him saying that whatever I had left there would likely wash up on the shore, I knew that I must act as if my old skin was gone, and that I now must live on land." - from "Low Tide"

Join Kathy Page @ the Salt Spring Island Public Library for the hometown launch of her "moody, shape-shifting, provocative" new collection, Paradise & Elsewhere.

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