Saturday, April 12, 2014

Kathy Page a "Best in New Small Press Books," Globe & Mail

This week we're happy to report that Kathy Page's Paradise & Elsewhere, pictured below in this wonderful display at Salt Spring Books, has had its first two reviews: a short-but-sweet feature in the "Best in New Small Press Books" in The Globe and Mail, and a lengthy write-up in The Winnipeg Review. Here's what our media pals had to say:

“The intensely familiar and the strikingly odd combine here to form a reading experience similar to that of fable. Indeed, though Paradise is set in modern times, here we cover similar ground as that of Greek myth or Grimm … but rest assured, these contemporary tales are as insightful as their older counterparts.”

“All at once the stories in this collection are realistic, feminist, apocalyptic … [Kathy Page] has got it all, and she is unapologetic about delivering the goods …  this book is full of beautiful intelligent writing that is sharp, raw and to the point. And it just might make us all better human beings.”

Not bad, huh? Kathy's got events coming up all over the place over the next few months, so keep an eye out for her in Vancouver (April 29), Salt Spring (May 1), Windsor (May 26), and Toronto (May 27-28). Books should be in stores any minute now, if they aren't already ... and if you want to know where you can find Paradise & Elsewhere in a town near you, drop us a line any time.

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