Thursday, November 29, 2012

The Globe Top 100: Announcing Mr. Glover

It seems the arachnids have netted a few more late-season plaudits for Mr. Glover, whose remarkable Attack of the Copula Spiders and Other Essays on Writing was included in this year's Globe Top 100 list. (If you follow the link it's right at the bottom, split over pages four and five). 

This would be wonderful news in any case, yes, but the inclusion also also gave me the chance to revisit one of my favourite pull quotes from the year (courtesy of Mr. Charles Wilkins). Mr. Wilkins had been skeptical of Mr. Glover at first, a smidge apprehensive of his tone. And yet? 
"By the time I reached the penultimate chapter," he concludes, "I had decided that every literate person in the country should be reading Glover’s essays.”

Well. Whaddya think about that. Every literate person, he says. A quote like that makes my job easy ... and has the added advantage of being true. Congratulations to Doug. It's a well-deserved tip of the hat. 

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