Monday, November 12, 2012

Sometimes a Free Book is Just a Free Book.

Good afternoon, Biblioworld, and happy Monday. It's another big week here at headquarters, with the Windsor Youth Centre doing their What Is Home? fundraiser here tomorrow night, and (of course oh my!) the grand opening this Friday November 16th. Walkerville's going to be hustling and bustling (rustling? dustling) that weekend thanks to their two-day Walk Around street festival.

But it's not enough that people might be coming into the shop to buy our books: no no. No no no.  This month the Bibliomanse is giving them away. As of tomorrow another GoodReads affair begins. Click the gadget to win your very own copy of Psychology and Other Stories. Fiction may be psychology and psychology may be fiction (thanks for that, Jim Bird), but this giveaway is real enough ... Enter to win your free copy today!

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