Thursday, June 28, 2012

Malarky on Little Star and Largehearted Boy

Afternoon, folks, and happy Thursday before the Friday of the long weekend. Thought I'd point out the Malarky playlist that went up yesterday on Largehearted Boy ("Here are a combination of tracks that either I listened to repeatedly or are perkily redolent of aspects of the text," says AK of her selection). And this pretty twinkle, posted by the NYRB's Ann Kjellberg on her blog Little Star, should be mentioned too. "A miracle from Anakana Schofield"? Now that doesn't get less fun for being a whole week old--and "Move over, Molly Bloom" ain't bad at all. Here's a taste of AK's soundtrack. (Was tempted to go with the cattle ditty but sometimes DB is hard to resist.) Till soon!

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