Friday, June 22, 2012

The Pluck of the Irish

Happy Friday, everybody. Business is winding down for the weekend here at the Bibliomanse, but before things unwind completely (unravel totally?)--well let's all just take a look at this lovely lucky thing from The National Post. It begins:

When Anakana Schofield was 24 years old, she got braces. 

That not enough of a hook? Check out the Post online for Mark Medley on achronological writing, the irresolution of despair, dignified poverty, and--erm--AK's introduction of oral surgery to reality TV. 

And oh yes. You may hear just a tich more about "one of the season's best reads," which was also called "quirky, raucous, and utterly unconventional" in the June issue of Reader's Digest

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