Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Our Woman's Bay Area Vacation

Morning, all, and happy Monday. It was a good long weekend of good short reviews for Malarky, with Northern California showing the love: click on to read what the San Francisco Chronicle and the San Francisco Book Review had to say. Or you can even--what the heck--keep reading RIGHT HERE. Quoth the Chronicle:
Malarky becomes truly compelling when Our Woman embodies an existential strangeness. In certain moments, we are not so far from Beckett's Molloy - Our Woman comes close to enlivening not only the political and the personal but also the human. Schofield has true promise for this kind of writing, and it is there that I hope she next turns her sizable gifts, in the book that will surely follow this resoundingly successful first novel.
Hear that, Phil? It's not every character that holds her own against the Irish greats. Move over, Molly; make way, Molloy; mind yerself, Maud Gonne? Thanks to Mr. Esposito of Quarterly Conversation for that piece (and thanks, too, to Pax Plena for his sizable blog post this weekend).  

In other news, those of you waiting to read Three Percent's review of Liliana Heker, it's up and available now. Long and lovely treatment of the text. More on that soon from our translation series blog.

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