Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Rosenblum & "Social Short Fiction"; The Frank O'Connor Longlist

Well we're going to take a short (very short!) break from poesy to mention the three titles that were just longlisted for the Frank O'Connor Award. Congratulations to Laura Boudreau, Alice Petersen, and Rebecca Rosenblum!

The Big Dream has also been reviewed in the lastest issue of Prairie Fire, which you should definitely check out, not least for its four new poems by Sylvia Legris. (See? I told you the poesy-break wouldn't last long). Here's what reviewer Bob Armstrong had to say:

"We tend to think that the American Dream, or its Canadian cousin, is a subject for a novel, rather than a work of short fiction. Portraying our great big world, bringing to life success and failure, youth and age, wealth and poverty – that’s the job for the novel, and not just any novel: the “social novel.” Toronto writer Rebecca Rosenblum may make us re-examine that assumption with her short story collection The Big Dream. Call it, perhaps, the “social short story collection” ... The Big Dream is real life. For readers who want fiction that engages with the world we live in, Rosenblum’s work matters."

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