Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Ho Hum (Hardly!)

Afternoon, all. As we enter the 2 PM hump of the day I thought I'd make today's daily verse dose topical. The following is from Robyn Sarah (who will I'm sure be happy to know that there are no pictures of her yawning on the internet. Or at least none that I could find).

Ho Hum

from Pause for Breath (2009)

A yawn is guileless. It disarms.

And yet we early learn
the protocols of Yawn:
Cover your mouth.
Make like an Indian, wah-wah-wah.
Hide it, if you can.

A stifled yawn pops the ears,
spares others a sighting
of tonsils. Tongue curles
backwards in its cradle,
jaw winches its hinges,
eyes wink to slits and skin
draws tight around the mouth;

in the cave of the throat
a controlled wind
shudders and dies.

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