Monday, April 16, 2012

Ray Robertson in the Montreal Gazette and Barrie Examiner

The Montreal Gazette had some love for Ray Robertson's Why Not? Fifteen Reasons to Live friday saying "its combination of academic rigour and irreverent humour striking a life-affirming chord." get the full review here.

Robertson also had a few things to say in the Barrie Examiner late last week. His thoughts on why his book has resonated with so many people:
"I think everyone thinks about that: What’s important in life? We get too busy and forget. We pay lip service to what’s important, but we spend all our time doing all these other things.”
See what else Robertson has to say here.

Ray Robertson will be in Barrie Thursday April 19th 2012 to participate in the L3 Writers' Conference at Barrie North Collegiate.

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