Wednesday, June 04, 2014

Ray Robertson on The Next Chapter

When I read the book over I was pleased because ... it is sort of a dark book thematically, but I thought it was a funny book and that was a relief to me ... You can't really explore the real serious dark stuff in life unless you admit the comedic into it, because I know in my own life, and people that I know, one of the ways you eventually confront things and cope with them and ultimately hopefully transcend them is through humour. - Ray Robertson

This week's episode of The Next Chapter with Shelagh Rogers features Lynn Cody, Guy Vanderhaeghe, Lynn Thomson, and our very own Ray Robertson! Ray speaks about his new novel I Was There The Night He Died, highlighting the importance of humour, the complexities of small town social ethics, finding meaning through the twin poles of intoxication and work, and whether you can really go home again. To listen to Shelagh and Ray's extended conversation click here. And for all you radio fanatics who prefer to dial in the old-fashioned way, the episode re-airs on the CBC this Saturday, @ 4PM!

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