Friday, February 14, 2014

V-Day? More like FREE Day.

(For those of you looking closely, yes, that IS an
excerpt from The Bell Jar. Someone on the
interwebs was having a laugh.)
Good afternoon, all, and a happy, hearty, TGIFfy St. Valentine's to everyone. (Am I the only one to own that T-shirt that says Book Lovers Never Go to Bed Alone?) In lieu of chocolates, flowers, or cinnamon hearts—which thanks to Douglas Coupland we all know are REALLY used to mask the smell of decomposing flesh—Biblioasis would like to tell you about this nifty little app, which we probably should have told you about ages ago, but, well, here we are. Better late than never. Thirsty, meet BOOKSLINGER. Bookslinger, Thirsty. Bookslinger's a frisky lass who, thanks to our pals at Consortium, now slings (flings?) out one free story a week to her readers. All pieces drawn from independent presses across North America. The app is available (also for free) through the iTunes store. And guess what? Today, which is also International Book Giving Day, it seems Bookslinger's slung our very own "About Love." For those of you who are new, that's one of our three Chekhov tales that was translated by David Helwig and illustrated by Seth. So go at 'er, folks! Happy hearts!

(Though, um, I should say that if you really are looking for a happy day, you may want to hold off reading the Chekhov til tomorrow.)

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