Friday, January 17, 2014

Eucalyptus reviewed in Publishers Weekly, The Rover

Afternoon, all, and TGIF. A quick word before we all scatter for the weekend, to say that the reviews for Eucalyptus keep tumbling in: this week we've got one up at Publishers Weekly and another at The Rover. The PW one is actually one of the best we've seen from our trade mag cronies. Congratulations to Mauricio and Donald (who, by the by, got some much-deserved praise for the seamlessness of his translation) and a very merry Friday to you all. Be danged to you, Polar Vortex II! We're feeling GOOD.

From Publishers Weekly
"Segura writes with a poetic economy of language, using very few words to create meaningful images ... Winkler's masterful translation is so seamless, readers will think that the novel was written in English ... Segura's novel and his original voice are important additions to the Canadian canon." 

From The Rover
"Ably translated, well-paced, teeming with interesting characters that often speak for whole chapters, and written in a prose that is both lucid and hallucinatory, Eucalyptus is a remarkable, thought-provoking novel with the accessibility of a page-turner."

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