Thursday, August 29, 2013

Claustrophilia: An Interview with Mike Barnes, by KD Miller

Morning, folks, and happy Thursday. Wanted to direct your attention to a lovely bit of conversation between KD Miller and Mike Barnes that's running in the latest TNQ. And as a teaser here's a piece that I especially liked (not least of all because KD herself has a collection called All Saints scheduled for release with us this spring—sshhhh!):
Art has its saints, its martyrs, its holy fools, to be sure. But they’re rare. Their fame obscures that fact. Or underlines it. For the most part, art is—must be—practiced from a position of relative affluence. Not necessarily material, needless to say. But without some surplus of energy, of resources, there is no art. To make a medieval analogy, while there may be art in the upper reaches of hell—cries from those ascending or descending—there is none at the bottom.
For the full interview, click here.

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