Thursday, March 29, 2012

Sideswiped by spring reading

Brian Lynch over at the Georgia Straight has dished up a handful of nummy spring reads, including our own Malarky. Here's what he has to say about AK:

The Irish-born, Vancouver-based writer, essayist, and critic serves up a bold, fragmented first novel filled with grief, politics, black humour, and a sense of the powers and limits of memory. Its axis is an Irish mother, most often referred to simply as “Our Woman”, whose world is sideswiped when she discovers that her son is gay and that her late husband was unfaithful. But she is, as the author puts it, “a woman who refuses to be sunk by what life serves her”, and as her story widens to include issues like the war in Afghanistan and immigration from the Middle East, it joins a long line of ambitious writing that turns the peculiarities of Irish life into a mirror for the world. Due out in April.

Some of those peculiarities might be listed in the anthology you see above & to the right. Maybe? Mebbe not. For previews of new fiction by Amelia Gray, Yasuko Thanh, Ellen Ullman, George Dyson, Bernie Krause, and more, head down the Straight. Turn left at Gibraltar. & last but not least, don't forget AK's launch at the People's Co-op this Sunday, from 3-6 PM! Our fb page tells all. Much like a gossipy woman.

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