Thursday, March 15, 2012

Blaise on a Plane

This morning the inimitable Margaret Atwood did a guest blog for The Huffington Post, where she commented on her favourite places to read. Now the where is pretty cool: on a plane, sans email, sans phone (or in days gone by, sans electricity--seems there's a relationship between kerosene & concentration? Gas lamps and social obliviousness? #heygradstudents! #futureMAthesis!). Still, it's the what of it that's got me hooked. Yes that's right: "What I last read on a plane," she declares, "was The Meagre Tarmac, a group of stories by Clark Blaise, of which I am writing a review." If that didn't light up the Bibliomanse for the past hour! Not everyone would read a book so-titled in the air--sounds like tempting fate to me. Thanks to MA & a happy Thursday to everyone!

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